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Listed below are the Pounds and Pinfolds located so far. The list will be expanded as further research identifies the location of others.

Please use links to see images of Cumbrian Pounds and Pinfolds. You may need to sign in to Picasa through a Google Account to access these images. To return to the Pounds and Pinfolds web site please use the BACK arrow . See below table for additional images.

Ref Location Grid ref. Condition Use Notes 
1 Abbey Town  174506 Incomplete Garden Irregular shape, stone with coping. S corner removed. Image(P)
2 Appleby - Bondgate 691199 Complete Storage Much adapted including a small roofed building.
3 Bassenthwaite  216325 Disrepair None Derelict and hidden in undergrowth on common land.
4 Bewaldeth  210348 Remains None Rectangular built of field stone but derelict.  Image(P)
5 Bleatarn, Warcop 731136 Remains None Only partial walls still exist. 
6 Blindbothel, Low Lorton 441579 Complete Sheepfold Original fold extended and used as sheepfold.
7 Blindcrake  147347 Complete Garden  Rectangular built of dressed stone on common land. Image(P)
8 Bolton  638232 Complete Art work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild.
9 Brampton, Appleby 682231 Stone only None Only a tether stone exists on site.
10 Brigham  091299 Complete Monument Irregular shaped pound with walls of mortared stone. Image(P)
11 Brothybeck  342427 Remains None In corner of field neglected in the undergrowth.
12 Brough  794143 Complete Art work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild.
13 Caldbeck, Potts Gill  317374 Complete Storage Rectagular and built into a bank. Dry stone walling.
14 Caldbeck, Town Head  321393 Adapted Boundary Only a wall remains built into a garden boundary.
15 Cark-in-Cartmel  365766 Remains None The site is shown by a few foundation stones only.
16 Cartmel 380786 Adapted Garage Built up walls now beyond recognition as a pound.
17 Crackenthorpe  662222 Disrepair None Square structure on a plot of waste land. Image(P)
18 Crook  462951 Complete Amenity At side of road with low walls made of stone. 
19 Crook, Pound Farm 472953 Plot of land Field On old drove road,used for overnight stays.
20 Crosby Garrett 727092 Complete Monument Is this really a pinfold?
21 Crosby Ravensworth  621144 Complete Art work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild.
22 Crosthwaite, Lyth Valley 462882 Hedged Field Remains of a hedged pinfold on "Pinfold Hill".
23 Culgaith  612298 Incomplete Amenity Irregular shape with wall removed for road widening.
24 Dalston  372490 Adapted Boundary Irregular shape with walls removed for dwellings.
25 Dalton-in-Furness  226737 Complete Monument On Sights & Monuments Record 16150. Image(P)
26 Dalton-in-Kendal 544766 Remains Monument A"pre-medieval" pound and archaeological site.
27 Deanscales 094263 Remains None Only field boundary walls and some foundations left.
28 Dearham  071362 Incomplete Garden Reamining walls form a boundary.
29 Eaglesfield  095281 Complete Monument Built into a bank and well preserved. Image(P)
30 Edenhall  568325 Complete Garden Square and built of local stone. Image(P)
31 Embleton  163293 Adapted Store Unusually attached to the church hearse house.
32 Field Broughton  385815 Complete Monument Oval, built of field stone 2 mtrs high.  Image(P)
33 Great Asby Butts Green  681135 Remains None Stoops only remaining. Manorial Pound was nearby.
34 Great Broughton 074313 Complete Garden Maintained as a private garden.
35 Great Strickland  561230 Complete Amenity Appears to have been rebuilt with narrow entrance.  Image(P)
36 Greyson Green  997248 Adapted Boundary A wall only left.
37 Greysouthern  072293 Adapted Adapted Now a low walled chldrens play area.
38 Hartley  782090 Complete Monument Tradistional pinfold next to stream on common. Image(P)
39 Hilton 732206 Complete Monument Possibly a Manorial Pound close to Manor House. See Gallery
40 Hutton Roof  570778 Remains None Outline only visible.
41 Kilnhill, Bassenthwaite 216325 Partial None Hidden in a copse
42 Kirkandrews-upon-Eden 353583 Adapted Garden Adapted, lowered walls and part of village green.
43 Kirkby Lonsdale, Fellside 593795 Complete None May be a small garth used as pinfold.
44 Kirkby Stephen  768094 Remains None Outline of fold in field corner.
45 Kirkby Thore  638257 Adapted Store One wall recently removed.Has had many uses.  
46 Kirkoswold  556441 Remains None One wall may still exist but not verified.
47 Little Broughton 78318 Complete Garden Well maintained example in use as a garden.
48 Longtown  376689 Complete Monument Rectangular, built of dressed stone. Image(P)
49 Lorton 162254 Land Area Amenity Ancient site adjacent to a stream. Image(P)
50 Loweswater  129217 Complete Monument Rectangular, built of field stone. N.T.  Image(P)
51 Orton  624083 unknown Monument Trying to confirm exact location.
52 Outgate  355998 Complete None Irregular shape, adapted walls and on a bank. Image(P)
53 Outhgill  784016 Complete Art Work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild
54 Penruddock  428278 Complete None Rectangular with an integral water source.
55 Pooley Bridge  475245 Complete Amenity Lowered walls. Maintained by LDNP. Image(P)
56 Raisbeck  647072 Complete Art Work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild
57 Renwick  595435 Land Area Garden An ancient site surrounded by cottages.
58 Sedbergh  660921 Complete Monument A typical pinfold circular and adapted.
59 Sockbridge  501268 Remains Garden Only a portion of wall remains as garden boundary.
60 St Bees  720160 Incomplete Monument Pinfold with wall removed for builders yard.
61 Staveley-in-Cartmel  382850 Adapted Store Adapted with added window and tin roof. Image(P)
62 Stockdale Moor  090090 Remains None Outline of walls remain of this Mountain Pinfold.
63 Threapland  157393 Complete Paddock An ancient hedge pinfold.  Image(P)
64 Troutbeck  408027 Complete Garden Designation as a pinfold needs confirming.
65 Troutbeck Town Head  416039 Remains None Outline of walls remain in this valley location.
66 Ulverston  285787 Adapted Play area Wall height varies, was a childrens play area. Image(P)
67 Warcop  750154 Complete Art Work Andy Goldsworthy rebuild Image(P)
68 Watermillock  431231 Remains None One wall only remains on river bank.
69 Winton  785105 Complete Monument Circular, built of field stone. Image(P)


Updates will be added regularly.
If you know of a Pound or Pinfold not included or you are interested in a listed one please contact me.

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