The History and Mystery of the Pound or Pinfold - a feature of rural England fast disappearing from the landscape


Pounds and Pinfolds

National Register of Pounds and Pinfolds---- Part 1

This is the Pounds and Pinfolds National Register set up to record and encourage the knowledge and preservation of these structures in our landscape. 

The locations listed have been identified from maps, archive records and by being observant when travelling around our towns, villages and cities. Minimal information is currently recorded and so I am seeking to expand on this with any information that I recieve from you, the reader, Please send me any information using the email address I am currently  expanding the entries so if you can tell me anything about the pinfolds present use and send an image I will credit you with the contribution. Thank you.


This is a WORK IN PROGRESS as I am gradually replacing the one line entries with more information and, where possible, images. If you know of a pound or pinfold listed or not listed please get in touch with me so that I can complete the Register entry.


Bedfordshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Bedfordshire Clophill Red brick construction. Grade II listed Complete See English Heritage 10/01/1985


Berkshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Bucklebury, Berkshire

Grid ref: 456124,170270

A well maintained large rectangular pound at ths side of the road. No access. It is shown on the 1877 OS 1:2,500 map as a pound.  

Nigel Mills December 2008

Image description

Speen, Berkshire

Grid ref: 445770,168025

The site of this pound is shown by wooden posts at the junction of Pound Lane and Bath Road. It is shown on the 1881 OS map as a pound.

Nigel Mills December 2018

Image description

Waltham St Lawrence, Berkshire

Grid ref: 

Shown in the centre of the village on the 1872 OS 1:2,550 map. Any information please?

Buckinghamshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Buckinghamshire East Burnham Brick with wood gate, listed Grade II Complete See English Heritage 24/04/1985
  Little Marlowe, Wycombe Flint walls with brick dressing, Grade II Complete See English Heritage 08/01/1987
  West Wycombe          
  Wicken Stone & square in Pound Close Complete     11/06/2010

Cambridgeshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Cambridgeshire Bottisham          

  Glinton, Peterborough Rubble wall,concrete capping. Grade II Complete See English Heritage 24/02/1982
  Sutton, Peterborough Stone walls, gated Complete See English Heritage 24/02/1982
  Swaffham Prior Pound, lock up and Fire Engine House Complete See English Heritage 15/06/1984
  West Wratting Square red brick with coping. Grade II Complete See English Heritage 11/04/1986

Coveney, Cambridgshire

Grid ref: 548717,281856

This is a well maintained pound approx 4 mtrs square with 1.8mtrs high walls and open 1 mtr entrance. A large interpretative panel is attached to one wall and it is adjcent to a lock - up. Grade II Listed since 1988. Located on Main Street, Coveney close to the Manor House (now Manor House Farm) and named as a Pound on the 1887 1:2,500 OS Map.

Contributed by Michael Trolove April 2021

Image description

Mepal, Ely, Cambridgshire

Grid ref: 544274,280990

Shown as a rectangular Pound just north of The Green on the 1887 1:2,500 OS map. No trace found.

Contributed by Michael Trolove April 2021


Stretham, Ely, Cambridgeshire

Grid ref: 551170,2748560

Shown as a large six sided Pound on the 1887 1:2,500 OS map. Site now built upon. No trace found.

Conributed by Michael Trolove April 2021

Sutton, Peterborough

Grid ref:

Located at The Drift, Sutton. Need a grid ref to locate please

Wilberton, Cambridgeshire

Grid ref: 548610,274880

In progress

Image description

Witcham, Ely, Cambridgshire

Grid ref: 546541,280224

Shown as a rectangular Pound on Back Lane on the 1887 1:2,500 OS map. No trace found.

Contributed by Michael Trolove April 2021

Cheshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Cheshire Aston by Budworth Rectangular, low walls, coping stones Complete See Engilsh Heritage 03/09/1984
  Aston(Gt Budworth) Square with low walls.Restored Complete   David Haynes 24/04/2010
  Bate Heath, Knutsford   Complete See Geograph 06/04/2006
  Bickerton In a poor state with walls denuded Poor   David Haynes 24/04/2010

  Great Budworth          
  Henbury Circular with concrete coving,metal gate Complete   David Haynes 24/04/2010
  Poole Green Sandstone rubble remains Poor   David Haynes 24/04/2010
  Sutton Lane Ends Square with some walls lowered Complete   David Haynes 24/04/2010

    David Haynes
  Wardle Square with low walls, metal gate Complete   David Haynes 24/04/2010

Harthill, Cheshire

Grid ref:

Seeking more information please

Image description

Norton Canes, Watling Street, Cheshire

Grid ref: 401354,307183

The pinfold is shown on the 1884 OS 1:2,500 map. Update requested please.

Poole Bank, Cheshire

Grid ref: 363935,35580

Grade II listed in 1973 this pinfold is describes as constructed of hammer-dressed red sandstone blocks, 1 mtr high and 3mtrs square. One wall appeared to have been lowered. It is at the junction of Poole Old Hall Lane and Wettenhall Road and is named on the 1875 OS 1:2,500 map.

Contributed by Roger Birchall June 2018

Image description

Tarvin, Cheshire

Grid ref: 349124,366916 (approx)

The Pinford on Church Street was exposed when the Parish Council removed an old wooden shed, a sycamore tree and copious amonts of rubbish from the site. Only the remains of the walls are visible but is being maintained by the council as part of Tarvin's history. It is shown on the 1875 OS 1:2,500 map next to Ducker's Well.  

Contributed by John Lindop January 2014 

Image description

Cornwall Pounds and Pinfolds

Cornwall Antony, Caradon Recangular with high walls   See English Heritage 26/01/1987
  Botusfleming, Caradon Small rectangular 8mtr by 10 mtr   See English Heritage 19/12/1987
  Breage, Kerrier Earlier gunpowder store converted to pound   See English Heritage 26/08/1987
  Chacewater Manor Pound(OS) Square Privately owned     Dave Foster 24/01/2014
  Feock, Carrick Manor Pound   See English Heritage 12.03/1986
  Lesnewth Hidden away in private woods  Complete   Nigel Mills 18/06/2011
  St Day, Kerrier Circular with rubble walls Complete See English Heritage 12/09/1989
  Zennor Wellhouse and Pound Grade II  n/k   English Heritage 07/09/1988

Chacewater, Truro, Cornwall

Grid ref: 174466,044260

This Manor Pound is shown and named on the 1880 OS 1:2,500 map. Dobbie describes it in 1977 as square, constructed with drystone large stone blocks with some walls up to 2mtrs high. Overgrown and falling into disrepair.

Contributed by Dave Foster January 2014

Awaiting image

Lesnewth, North Cornwall

Grid ref: 213066,090307

This pound is remote and hidden away in the woods planted around 1940. It is approx. 100mtrs NE of the Old Rectory. It is an oval shape approx. 10 mtrs diameter and rivetted into the bank. Rubble and stone construction with walls approx 1mtr high. Not shown on OS maps but is Grade II listed.

Nigel Mills January 2014

Image description

Derbyshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Derbyshire Alstonefield Possibly a sheepfold?   Gallery Nigel Mills 0/11/2005
  Barlow Restored in 1985 Grade II Complete     31/01/1967
  Barrow on Trent          
  Biggin Circular restored pinfold Complete Gallery Nigel Mills 0/05/2006
  Bubnell Keys Almost disappeared Remains On 1883 OS    
  Calow     On 1883 OS    
  Eggington Small Rectangular pinfold Grade II Complete See English Heritage 02/09/1986
  Eyam Woodlands,Grindleford          
  Hassop  Almost disappeared Remains On 1883 OS    
  Hope Circular with Rules for Pound Keeper Complete Geograph   21/07/2007
  Ilam Possibly a sheepfold?     Nigel Mills 15/03/2006
  Milltown, Ashover Stone with metal gate Complete See Geograph 03/08/2009
  Osmaston Circular Pinfold on Osmaston estate Complete See Geograph 18/02/2007
  Over Haddon Look like sheepfold   On 1883 OS    
  Sandiacre, Erewash Combined lock up and pound Grade II Complete See English Heritage 10/11/1967
  Wirksworth West End          
  Wyns Tor, Winster Large circular structure  Complete See Geograph  

Alstonefield, Derbyshire/Staffordshire border

Grid ref:

More likely a sheepfold.

Image description

Biggin, Derbyshire

Grid ref:

Image description

Curbar, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 425022,374574

On the 1898 OS 1:2,500 map this structure is named uniquely as a Penfold. It is circular, situated in Curbar Lane at its junction with Pinfold Hill. Walls are approx. 2 mtrs high and a smart white painted farm gate secures the entrance. The space inside houses several buildings and the surrounding overgrown foliage make it easy to miss. 

Nigel Mills May 2006

Image description

Little Longstone, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 418900,371680

This village pinfold accessed from the road lies on the outskirts of Little Longtone abutting a single storey building. It is shown on the 1879 OS 1:2,500 map. It is recorded in Archives as needing repair in 1840, in poor condition in the Hill Survey of 1985 but is now in good repair and has a nameplate attached identifying it as the pinfold.

Nigel Mills May 2006

Image description

Monyash, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 414957,366963

Located north of the village it is shown on the 1878 OS 1:2,500 map in a field corner adjacent to the roadway. It is constructed of field stone, not unlike a sheepfold, and has a small information board beside it.

Nigel Mills May 2006  

Image description

Devon Pounds and Pinfolds

Devon Ashburton Laughter Tor Sheepfold?        
  Belstone  Now used as a garden        
  Creaber Pound, Gidleigh A Dartmoor pound   See Geograph 08/06/2006
  Dunnabridge Medieval dry stone walls Deteriorating See Geograph 28/10/1987
  Highweek Feoffes A2A reference 1638F referes to Poundfold         
  North Bovey          
  Oakhampton Creaber Pound          
  S. Giles in the Wood          
  Sidmouth Tall walled Pound, rounded coping. Complete See English Heritage 12/11/1973
  Salcombe Regis Erected in 1939 to comm.planting thorn tree Complete See English Heritage 12/10/1951
  Torrington (Great)          

Dorset Pounds and Pinfolds

Dorset Ashmore          
  Corfe Castle          
  Langton Herring          
  Langton Matravers          
  Wimbourne Minster          
  Winfrith Newburgh, Purbeck          

Wareham Town Pound, Dorset

Grid ref: 392118,087260

This pound site is used as a leisure and arts area for the town. It is Grade II listed, square and constructed of brick with brick on-edge coping. It has been kept in good repair including the gate which is in the NW wall. Shown on the 1889 OS 1:1,2500 map.

Contributed by Pat Rowland March 2019

Image description

Durham County Pounds and Pinfolds

Durham Consett          

Headlam, Teesdale, County Durham

Grid ref: 417891,519000

This large low walled structure is in the centre of The Green, close to the site of Dumb Nanny's Well, a useful water source for the pinder. It is marked but not named on OS maps but has been recognised as a pinfold by gaining Grade II listed status. Currently used as a very productive garden.

Nigel Mills October 2006  

Image description

Essex Pounds and Pinfolds

Essex Epping Forest Conservators
  Epping Forest Parish
  Lambourne End
  Saffren Walden

Gloucestershire Pounds and Pinfolds

Gloucestershire Ampney S Peter          
  Iron Acton          
  Latteridge, Iron Acton          
  Oldbury on Severn          
  Park End F of Dean          
  Winstone         07/05/2006

Charfield, Wotton-Under-Edge, Gloucestershire

Grid ref: 371773,191378

This pound is noted on the 1889 1:10,560 OS map and is now part of a private garden to the bungalow next to it, named not surprisingly, Pound View. It  is approx. 8 mtrs square built of local stone. About two fields distant along the same lane is Poundhouse Farm. The Charfield Parish Council has suggested a possible link to the management of the pound by the farm in the 1800's but this has not been confirmed. 

Contributed by Alan Hamer May 2006

Image description

Thornbury Pinfold, Gloucestershire

Grid ref: 363344,190603

This pinfold backs on to the loal lockup, shown in image, which was Grade II listed in 1984. The walls are a good 2 mtrs high and access is through a locked gate. Well maintained approx 20 mtrs by 10mtrs and used as a productive garden. It is not named on any OS map I could find, which is unusual for such a large structure, and the 1880 series of OS maps indicate it is witin the original walls of Thornbury Castle.

Nigel Mills May 2006


Image description

Westerleigh, Yate, Gloucestershire

Grid ref: 369921,179910

This pinfold looks to be at risk as one wall has already been demolished to increase access to the adjacent house. It is shown on the 1889 OS 1:10,560 map and the walls still in place are a good 2mtrs high.

Contributed by Sue Hamer May 2006  

Image description

Hampshire Pounds and Pinfolds

  New Forest Ladycross          
  New Forest Slufters          
  New Forest Stoney Cross          



Herefordshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Eardisley, Herefordshire

Grid ref: 331239,249227

This pound is named on the 1887 OS 1:2,500 map just north of St Mary Magdelene's Church in the main street and not listed. Although walls are only approx 1 mtr high the rectangular structure is kept in good condition. 

Nigel Mills September 2014

Image description

Canon Pyon, Herefordshire

Grid ref: 345101,249141

This pound named on the 1887 OS 1: 2,500 map is at the junction just about 120mtrs before the church and is a fine well maintained example of a pound. Roughly coursed sandstone with flat sandstone coping and open entrance. Rectanguler in shape with the entire pound raised slightly above ground level.

Nigel Mills September 2014.   


Image description

Hertfordshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire

Grid ref: 509433,201934

This square pound is clearly named and indicated on the 1874 OS 1:2,500 map as a square structure on Abbots Langley High Street just south of the junction of Abbots Road. Marking the spot today is a wooden post and rail structure. 

Nigel Mills January 2003



Image description

Shenley, Hertfordshire

Grid ref: 518902,200840

The pound is on the 1877 OS 1:10,560 map but due to road widening has disppeared without trace. It was at the north end of Pound Lane. 

Nigel Mills January 2003

Huntingdonshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Huntingdonshire Elton, Oundle          

Isle of Man Pounds and Pinfolds

Isle of Man St Johns
  Four Roads

Isle of Wight Pounds and Pinfolds

Brading, Isle of Wight

Grid ref: 460744,087300

This pound is Grade II listed and can be found on Quay Lane (prev. Wall Lane) beyond the church graveyard in Brading. It is square with an opening on the SE wall and constructed of stone rubble, 2 mtrs high with brick quoins and flat stone coping. tells us that it was overgrown but cleared and tidied by students from the National Citizend Service in 2016. 

Nigel Mills August 2016

Image description

Freshwater, Isle of Wight

Grid ref: 433600,086579

This pound stands close to a well on Poundgreen in Freshwater. Interestingly the 1862 OS 1:2,500 map names it as a "pinfold" on Poundgreen but the surveyor for the 1909 OS 1:2,500 map sensibly names it as a "pound" on Poundgreen, the name it retains today. A fine and carefully restored pound with walls approx 1.5mtrs high built of stone rubble, red brick dressings and curved coping. It is in the care of Freshwater Parish Council and the interior has been used for many years as a productive garden.

Contributed by Brenda Hobbs November 2008 

Image description

Shorwell, Isle of Wight

Grid ref: 

Grade II listed, square, 1.5 mtrs approx high walls of stone rubble. Restored in 1951.

Exact location not confirmed. Is it Walkers Lane or Pound Lane?

Nigel Mills August 2016

Image description

Kent Pounds and Pinfolds

Kent Ashford
  Newington, Shepway
  Tunbridge Wells

Please see National Register Part 2 for more Pounds and Pinfolds