The History and Mystery of the Pound or Pinfold - a feature of rural England fast disappearing from the landscape 


Pounds and Pinfolds

Register for Yorkshire

This is the Pounds and Pinfolds Register for Yorkshire set up to record and encourage the knowledge and preservation of these structures in our landscape. 


The locations listed have been identified from maps, archive records and by observant and interested people when travelling around the towns, villages and cities of Yorkshire. Minimal information is currently recorded and so I am seeking to expand on this with any information that I receive from you, the reader, Please send me any information using the email address on the Home Page. Thank you. 


Condition: C = Complete or substantially complete; P = Partial remains and recognisable; S = Site only identified; NF = Site not found. Ordnance Survey map plus  Grid reference X and Y coordinates given. For a 6 digit grid reference read e.g. 317391, 5506847 as 173506. Or enter 12 digit reference or (Date in bracket is date of information)

Work in Progress -

Austwick, Settle, North Yorkshire. C 

OS ref: SD766684 Grid ref: 376661,468414.

Located on the main street through the village adjacent to a stone bus shelter built on part of the original footprint of the pound.  It is much altered but maintains its identity within the village. It is shown and named as a pound on the 1893 1:2500 OS Map. (Visited May 2019) 

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Birstwith, Harrogate, North Yorkshire. C

OS ref: SE244583 Grid ref: 424449,458305.

This large circular pound is overgrown but is in good condition and gated. Situated in a rural location at the junction of Hirst Lane and Swincliffe Lane. It appears to have been constructed between 1853 and 1891 as a pinfold is shown further along Swincliffe Lane on the 1853 OS map and on the 1891 OS map a pound at the current location. (Visited April 2019)

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Carperby, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire. S

OS ref: SE009899 Grid ref: 400957,489985.

Referred to in Conservation Area Character Appraisal by Yorkshire Dales NPA in March 2001 but no trace of structure found on visit January 2020.

Coniston Cold, Skipton, North Yorkshire. C

OS ref: SD900549 Grid ref: 390046,454952.

Located in a rural location on Moorber Lane, Coniston Cold. Shown on OS 1852 map as a circular pinfold and the 1896 as a pound. The pinfold appears to have been added in the 20th century. In its current form it is much changed by the addition of a small stone building adjoining it. Both the building and the pinfold are secured against access but the pinfold, which is now incorporated has a curved boundary wall to the west and has been in use as a play area and garden.  It is stone built with a lintel over a wooden door. A stream runs alongside the boundary just outside of the west end of the pinfold. (Visited May 2019)

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Eastby, Skipton, North Yorkshire.

OS ref:  SE 021544 Grid ref: 402150 454436. Located at the east end of the village of Eastby on a sharp bend. It is a small irregular shape built of local stone and in a poor state of repair with walls depleted probably due to changes to road and private access routes. Present day access is over a small stream via a concrete slab and it is difficult to envisage its use as a pound or pinfold. It is named as a Pinfold on the 1853 1.10,560 OS map and a sheepfold on the later 1891 1.2,500 OS map.(Visited May 2019)


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East Witton, North Yorkshire. P

OS ref: SE144859  Grid ref: 414456,485920

Only one wall of the pinfold, named on the 1856 OS 1: 1.10560 map, remains. Site not shown on later OS maps. (Visited Sept 2019) 

Galphay, Ripon, North Yorkshire. C

OS ref: SE251724 Grid ref: 425168,472501. 

Located at the roadside to the south of the village. In great condition having been restored in 2002. Said to belong the Lord of the Manor of Kirkby Malzeard. (Image by Gordon Hatton)

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Hunton, Bedale, North Yorkshire. C

OS ref: SE185923 Grid ref: 418517,492311

Restored pinfold, well maintained with stream in corner. Shown on 1892 OS as a Pound but later as a pinfold on the 1857 edition. (Contributed by Ian Tugwell 2008) (Visited May 2019).

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Hutton-le-Hole, Pickering, North Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SE 704901 Grid ref: 470493,490197

A circular pinfold on the edge of the moor in excellent condition. Named as a pound on the 1893 OS map.


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Ilkley, West Yorkshire. P


OS ref: SE 117478 Grid REF: 411752,447862

Situated in the centre of Ilkley in Weston Road and shown on the 1891 1:2,500 OS map and later maps but not named. A plaque states it was resited c 1869 to this site. It is has three walls and is used as a sitting area.(Visited May 2019)

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Kirkby Malzeard, Ripon, North Yorkshire. C

OS Ref: SE230743 Grid Ref: 423060,474332. 

Restored and now used as a garden. Located on the main street and shown and named as a pound on the 1892 OS map. (Visited March 2011)

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Kirkheaton, West Yorkshire. P


OS ref: Grid ref: 418264,418170.

Since 1985 road widening and new housing has left just the front wall of this once circular and 8 mtrs diameter pinfold in Cockley Hill Lane. It is Grade II listed and shown on the 1854 OS map. (Visited November 2008)



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Laverton, Ripon, North Yorkshire. P

OS Ref: SE228733 Grid Ref: 422800,473300.

Located in the centre of the village at Laverton bridge and used as a public amenity. Only part of the original remains due to removal of original walls for road widening. It is shown as a pound on the 1891 1:2500 OS map. (Contributed by Martin Curzon)(Visited Mar 2011)

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Linton (1) Skipton, North Yorkshire.

More detail required.


Linton (2), Skipton, North Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SD997628 Grid ref: 399745,462838.

This low walled structure sits on part of the village green, just north of the village centre, alongside a beck which runs to the River Wharfe in this historic village. Local information revealed that this was and is an affluent village and the several folds in the village are said to have been used in their time as pounds. This one is well maintained as a garden and is privately owned. It is shown but not named on the 1891 1:2500 OS map. (Visited May 2019)


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Malham (1), Skipton, North Yorkshire.


OS Ref: SD901629 Grid Ref: 390149,462910. Well preserved pinfold on Finkle Street with interpretive board and imaginative drawing of the pinfold in use. Unusually a twin cell pinfold which allowed separation of impounded stock. The quality of build and position, in the centre of the village, may mean it was the Manorial Pound although no natural water source was evident. It is indicated but not named on the 1894 1:2500 OS map. (Visited August 2019)

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Malham (2), Skipton, North Yorkshire.


OS Ref: SD902630 Grid Ref: 390264,463031. This is a more typical rural pinfold situated at the north east edge of the village near the “Old Reading Room” It may have been the precursor to the larger and more accessible structure in the village. (See above) It is of the more traditional circular shape with a wooden gate. Now overgrown but still intact. Shown but not named on the 1894 1:2500 OS map. (Visited August 2019)


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Muker, Swaledale, North Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SD910978 Grid Ref: 391067,497830. A well preserved pinfold at entrance to public car park and adjacent to the River Swale. Shown on the 1857 1:10,560 OS map as a Fold and on the 1893 1:2,500 as a Sheepfold. Overgrown with fallen wall. (Visited August 2019)

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Newbiggin, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. C


OS ref: SD997855 Grid ref: 399722 485595. A small pinfold and sheepwash beside the road and next to a stream from the Fellside. It is well kept and the location for an Easter time meeting. (more information sought please) (Visited August 2019)

Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SE276201 Grid Ref: 427656, 420180. This pinfold is in West Wells Road at the rear of the houses. Shown on 1893 1:2,500OS map as a Pound. It is rectangular and stone built with heavy capping. One door is blocked and another opened up due to road widening. Now Ossett Civic Society have taken responsibility for its upkeep. (Contributed by Rachel Bentham) (Visited August 2008) 

Redmire, Leyburn North Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SE044913 Grid ref: 404463 491319. 

A well maintained pound used for storage and with an interpretative plaque explaining its function in some detail affixed to the wooded door. (Visited November 2019)

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Reeth, North Yorkshire. C


OS Ref: SE 037996 Grid ref: 403715 499600

Large irregular pound at the roadside. Well maintained with locked access. Shown on 1857 OS map as a pinfold with adjacent spring. Named as a pound on later OS maps. (Visited November 2019)

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Thoralby, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. C


OS ref: SE 001867 Grid ref: 400124 486727

A large well maintained pinfold on edge of village green. Plaque quotes a 1483 record and suggests a pinfold may have been on a different site in the village. The structure is owned by the Parish Council and funded by Yorkshire Dales National Park. (Visited August 2019)

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Shelley,Kirkburton, Yorkshire & Humber.

OS ref: SE 206111 Grid REF: 420692,411142

A rectangular and banked pinfold altered to accommodate neighbouring property and owned by Kirklees Council. With its 2 monolith shaped gateposts and nearby manor house this may have been the manorial pound. Shown but not named on the 1893 OS 1:2,500 map. (Visited November 2008) 

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