The History and Mystery of the Pound or Pinfold - a feature of rural England fast disappearing from the landscape 

National Register of Pounds and Pinfolds ---- Part 1a

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS as I am gradually replacing the one line entries with more information and, where possible, images. If you know of a pound or pinfold listed or not listed please get in touch with me so that I can complete the Register entry. Please see my comments at the start of Register 1 to help you navigate these Registers.

Grid references: Grid reference X and Y coordinates given. For a 6 digit grid reference read e.g. 317391, 5506847 as 173506. Or enter 12 digit references in or Contributions from other than the author are given for each entry.

Cheshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Harthill, Cheshire

Grid ref:

Seeking more information please 


Norton Canes, Watling Street, Cheshire

Grid ref: 401354,307183

The pinfold is shown on the 1884 OS 1:2,500 map. Update requested please.


Poole Bank, Cheshire

Grid ref: 363935,35580

Grade II listed in 1973 this pinfold is describes as constructed of hammer-dressed red sandstone blocks, 1 mtr high and 3mtrs square. One wall appeared to have been lowered. It is at the junction of Poole Old Hall Lane and Wettenhall Road and is named on the 1875 OS 1:2,500 map.

Contributed by Roger Birchall June 2018


Image description

Tarvin, Cheshire

Grid ref: 349124,366916 (approx)

The Pinford on Church Street was exposed when the Parish Council removed an old wooden shed, a sycamore tree and copious amonts of rubbish from the site. Only the remains of the walls are visible but is being maintained by the council as part of Tarvin's history. It is shown on the 1875 OS 1:2,500 map next to Ducker's Well. Contributed by John Lindop January 2014 


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Cornwall Pounds and Pinfolds

Chasewater, Cornwall

To do

Lesnewth, North Cornwall

Grid ref: 213066,090307

This pound is remote and hidden away in the woods planted around 1940. It is approx. 100mtrs NE of the Old Rectory. It is an oval shape approx. 10 mtrs diameter and rivetted into the bank. Rubble and stone construction with walls approx 1mtr high. Not shown on OS maps but is Grade II listed.

Nigel Mills January 2014

Image description

Derbyshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Alstonefield, Derbyshire/Staffordshire border

Grid ref:

More likely a sheepfold.

Nigel Mills, May 2006


Bakewell, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 421266,368298

The site of this pinfold now houses a new Derbyshire stone house in Monyash Road. Conributed by Michael Trolove, October 2022 


Biggin, Derbyshire

Grid ref:

To do


Curbar, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 425022,374574

On the 1898 OS 1:2,500 map this structure is named uniquely as a Penfold. It is circular, situated in Curbar Lane at its junction with Pinfold Hill. Walls are approx. 2 mtrs high and a smart white painted farm gate secures the entrance. The space inside houses several buildings and the surrounding overgrown foliage make it easy to miss. 

Nigel Mills May 2006


Image description

Eyam, Derbyshire

Grid ref: 421336,376715

The village of Eyam is historically the Plague Village and has much to see on this subject as well as other historical aspects of this significant village. A commemorative plaque explains that the village pound was sited where the garden wall to several properties now stand in Tideswell Lane. The Pinder was Marshall Howe, the sexton. Shown on the 1898 OS map but it is now difficult to identify the original site. Contributed by Michael Trolove, October 2022 


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Dorset Pounds and Pinfolds

Lost Dorsetshire Pounds and Pinfolds.xlsx
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Bere Regis, Dorset

Grid ref: 384774,094734

Now part of a private garden the 2 mtr high walls still stand as shown on the 1887 OS map. Close to the church on Southbrook. Contributed by Miachael Trolove, September 2022

Image description

Corfe Castle, Dorset

Grid ref: 396278,081672

Situated on the southern end of East Street alongside the road this open well kept pound still remains in its 1901 OS map location and kept in great condition. Approx. 12 ntrs by 12mtrs and 2 mtrs high the interior is overgrown but the walls in good condition. Adjacent house is named The Pound. Nigel Mills.

Image description

Langton Maltravers, Dorset

Grid ref: 399192,078792

Shown on the 1901 OS map as a pound, with several compartments, in an area known as Court Pound. Research needed to clarify this naming. Located to the west of Langton Matravers on the lane named Castle View. Contributed by Michael Trolove, September 2022

Image description

Lytchet Minster, Dorset

Grid ref: 396077,092890

The site is preserved and contains an interpretive board and an area open to the public. Named as  a pound on the 1924 OS map. Contributed by Michael Trolove, September 2022

Image description

Okeford Fitzpaine, Dorset

Grid Ref: 380514, 110607

A rebuilt pound in memory of the original on the 1902 OS map and measures approx. 14mtrs by 12mtrs. Made of Purbeck stone it has one wall removed, a memorial stone in one wall and a seat placed inside the pound. Sited to the south end of Higher Street. Contributed by Michael Trolove, September 2022

Image description

Wareham, Dorset

Grid Ref: 392102,087251

A well used pound site by several community interests. Changed and rebuilt over the years but good to see it as a prominent feature and some historical notes of the notice attached to the modern gate. It is on the corner at the Pound Lane junction and West Street. Contributed by me, Pat Rowland and Michael Trolove.

Image description


Durham Pounds and Pinfolds

Butterknowle, Bishop Auckland, County Durham

Grid ref: 410162,525831

This site is named on the 1898 OS map as a pound and rectangular in shape. It now houses a stable and a shed, is owned by the Parish Council and let out to local residents. Contributed by Ray Willett November 2022



Image description

Headlam, Teesdale, County Durham

Grid ref: 417891,519000

This large low walled structure is in the centre of The Green, close to the site of Dumb Nanny's Well, a useful water source for the pinder. It is marked but not named on OS maps but has been recognised as a pinfold by gaining Grade II listed status. Currently used as a very productive garden.

Nigel Mills October 2006  


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Essex Pounds and Pinfolds

Lost Essex Pounds and Pinfolds.xlsx
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Messing, Essex

Grid ref: 589774,291061

On the 1892 OS map as a pound but its exact location could not be verified and no obvious signs were visible. Contributed by Michael Trolove, June 2022.

Orsett, Essex

Grid ref: 564270,181920

A large square pound on the 1867 1:2,500 OS map and now represented by a wooden structure at the junction of Pound Lane (formerly Maltings Lane) with High Road. Early pounds were made of local material like wood if stone was not plentiful. This pound has even made it as a Francis Frith postcard! Contributed by Michael Trolove, June 2021

Image description

South Ockenden, Essex

Grid ref: 559510,183020

On the 1866 and on later maps as recent as 1960 this square pound is marked and named at the north east corner of The Green. Today it is difficult to identify from the additional brickwork on the site. Contributed by Michael Trolove, June 2021


Tolleshunt D'Arcy, Essex

Grid ref: 592725,211558

A pound is shown at the junction of Maldon Road and Church Street on the 1881 OS map but no trace found. Conributed by Michael Trolove, June 2022