The History and Mystery of the Pound or Pinfold - a feature of rural England fast disappearing from the landscape 

Pounds and Pinfolds

National Register of Pounds and Pinfolds ---- Part 4

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS as I am gradually replacing the one line entries with more information and, where possible, images. If you know of a pound or pinfold listed or not listed please get in touch with me so that I can complete the Register entry. Please see my comments at the start of Register 1 to help you navigate these Registers.


Grid references: Grid reference X and Y coordinates given. For a 6 digit grid reference read e.g. 317391, 5506847 as 173506. Or enter 12 digit references in or Contributions from other than the author are given for each entry.


Shropshire Pounds and Pinfolds


Somersetshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Ashfield, Oakhill, Somerset

Grid ref: 363387,147855

Shown on the 1886 OS 1,2500 map as a pound, image required. 

Batheaston, Bath, Somerset

Grid ref:

This pound has been rebuilt several times most recently by The Batheaston Society in 1973. Shown on the 1885 OS 1:2,500 map. It was Grade II listed in 1983. 


Kilmersdon, Radstock, Somerset

Grid ref: 369684,152249

Site of pound now a 1950's bungalow. Shown on the 1854 Country Series OS map.

Nigel Mills May 2005

Norton St Philip, Somerset

Grid ref: 377232,155801

No trace of pinfold at the site shown on 1854 County Series OS map.

Stanton Prior, Marksbury, Somerset

Grid ref: 367399,162751

Located at the roadside when approached from Marksbury this circular pound stands about 2mtrs high with a wooden lintel over the entrance. Approx 4mtrs in diameter and Grade II listed in 1985. At time of visit there was evidence of a recent repair. Not found on maps. 

Nigel Mills March 2008.

Withybrook, Oakhill, Somerset

Grid ref: 365110,147257

This pound, shown on the 1888 OS 1:10,560 map, is now part of the garden of the adjacent house. It is square but losing its definition due to neglect.

Nigel Mills March 2008 


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Staffordshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Lost Staffordshire Pounds and Pinfolds.xlsx
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Blounts Green, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

Grid ref: 407993,332532

A post and rails pound is preserved on this busy junction. The posts are of Hollingstone sandstone which can be seen all around the area as gateposts. The post are notched to take wooden rails but these are missing. Measures approx. 10 mtrs square and 2 mtrs high. Shown and named on the 1901 OS map. Contributed by Michael Trolove, September 2022 

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Lichfield, Staffordshire

Grid ref:




Suffolk Pounds and Pinfolds

Lost Suffolk Pounds and Pinfolds.xlsx
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Blundeston, Suffolk

Grid ref: 651442,297248

This pound is shown on the 1884 OS 1:2,500 map as a pinfold at the junction of Pound Lane with Church Street. Well maintained, high walled and circular Grade II listed structure.

Nigel Mills August 2014  

Image description

Beccles, Suffolk

Grid ref: 642368,290903

This Grade II listed pinfold is shown on the 1884 OS Town Map of Beccles and today is easily missed as it sits amongst the houses and semi industrial units of Beccles. Found at the junction of Pound Road and Common Lane North it is in great condition. It is accessible and maintained as a flower garden at the time of my visit. Nigel Mills August 2014 & Michal Trolove March 2023

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Image description

Somerleyton, Suffolk

Grid ref: 648397,296476 (not verified)

This pinfold is shown on the 1884 OS 1:2,500 map and is built into the bank, remaining in good condition if a bit neglected.

Contributed by Matthew of November 2020 

Image description

Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk

Grid ref: 600829,270953

This pound is at the junction of Townhouse Rd and Jolly's Way, is Grade II listed, square and brick built with three walls 1.8mtrs high. The remaining wall is reduced in height with an open entrance. It is in good condition having been repaired by the Parish Council in 2000. Believed to be a replacement for a previous pound near the current cemetery in the village about 1817. 

Contributed by Frances Jenner, January 2021

Image description

Wrentham, Suffolk

Grid ref: 649031,282938

This pound is at the junction with Chapel Road and Priory Road. It is shown on the 1884 OS 1:2,500 map as a pinfold. It is Grade II listed and a great example, well maintained with 2mtr high circular brick walls and coping stones. A simple plaque is affixed to the rhs of the padlocked wooden gate. A great shame about the road sign also affixed to this listed building!

Nigel Mills August 2014

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Surrey Pounds and Pinfolds


Sussex Pounds and Pinfolds

Kingston, Sussex

Grid ref


Warwickshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Lost Warwickshire Pounds and Pinfolds.xlsx
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Coleshill, Warwickshire

Grid ref: 419807,289639

A square pound shown on the 1887 OS map but the suspected site is now a piece of land with a couple of trees and some shrubs. Contributed by Michael Trolove 

Kingsbury, Warwickshire

Grid ref: 421701,296505

On the 1887 OS map located on Tmworth Road but now a garden to the row of cottages adjacent. A capped wall here may be part of the original pound. Contributed by Michael Trolove, June 2022

Clifford Chambers, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

Grid ref: 419401,252456

Clearly shown on the 1884 OS map as a square pound it still exists on a piece of amenity land and is well maintained. It is a brick structure with coping. An accompanying interpretive panel plaques adds context and an explanation of its original funcion. It is on Milcote Road close to its junction with Clifford road just north west of the main village. 

Contributed by Rachel Hazley November 2022

Image description

Wiltshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Crudwell, Wiltshire

Grid ref: 395776,193483

This pound is hidden amongst the undergrowth, at a level below the road, at the west side of the A429 just north of Crudwell. It is rectangular with walls at 1.5 mtrs constructed of drystone with on edge coping. Repaired in 1987 and Grade II listed in 1988. It is shown as a pound on the 1885 OS 1: 2,500 map.

Nigel Mills May 2006


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Worcestershire Pounds and Pinfolds

Great Malvern, Worcestershire

Grid ref:

Would appreciate dimensions, location and any other info on this structure please.

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Sambourne, Worcestershire

Grid ref: 406085,261827

On the 1884 map as a rectangular pound on the village green. The village green is still a green space and at the centre of the village but the pound has ceased to exist. Contributed by Michael Trolove, July 2022


Wolverley, Worcestershire

Would appreciate dimensions, location and any other info on this structure please.

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