The History and Mystery of the Pound or Pinfold - a feature of rural England fast disappearing from the landscape 

Pounds and Pinfolds

National Register of Pounds and Pinfolds ---- Part 3

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS as I am gradually replacing the one line entries with more information and, where possible, images. If you know of a pound or pinfold listed or not listed please get in touch with me so that I can complete the Register entry. Please see my comments at the start of Part 1 to help you navigate these Registers.


Grid references: Grid reference X and Y coordinates given. For a 6 digit grid reference read e.g. 317391, 5506847 as 173506. Or enter 12 digit references in or Contributions from other than the author are given for each entry.


Norfolk Pounds and Pinfolds

Docking, Burnham Market, Norfolk

Grid ref: 

Believed to be on Pound Lane in Docking but exact location required please.

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North Elmham, Norfolk

Grid ref: 598675,322080

On the junction of Great Heath Road and Broom Green Road just north of North Elmham this pinfold is in excellent condition, shown on the 1892 OS 1:10,560 map. It is square with walls approx 2mtrs high with a wooden wicket style gate. 

Contributed by Colin Sinnot March 2008. 

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Gimingham, Norfolk

Grid ref: 628362,336064

This unique pound is triangular about 1.5mtrs high walls and a gate at its north point. It is exceptionally small for a pound and kept in great condition. English Heritage state it is Grade II liste, early C19, built of flint with brick dressings and brick quoins and coping.  It is situated where Trunch Road and Church Street meet on a cross roads just south of the village of Gimingham.  

Image description

Swaffham, Norfolk

Grid ref: 582076,309055 (Approx)

Described as a Grade II listed Town Pound on the plaque erected by the council who restored it in 1978. English Heritage date it at c1730 and describe it as made of whole and cut flints with brick quoins and dressings. Modern gate gives access to this square pound in need of attention when visited. It is on Mangate street towards the town end, not identified on OS maps. 

Nigel Mills September 2013


Image description

Northamptonshire Pounds and Pinfolds

Northamptonshire Brixworth          


Apethorpe, Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 502370,295700

This pound is named and the site indicated by an arrow on the 1886 OS 1:2,500 map pointing to a small field enclosure. Secure fields were occasionally used to confine animals if the structural pound was in poor condition or the original site had been developed for other purposes, usually housing towards the end of the era of the pound. In this case the field was then developed for housing and a cottage stands on the site at the junction of Main Street and Estate Yard.

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021


Barrowden, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 494718,300076

This village has a "pinfold" rather than a pound, as most are known in this county, on the 1886 OS 1:2,500 map.  It was large, irregularly shaped and adjacent to the smithy on the common in the old centre of the village. Although not consistently named the outline of the pinfold remained on the OS maps for many years but had disappeared by the OS 1970 revision. No trace remains but smithy building, see image, is still remains in this well kept village popular with walkers.  Contributed by Michael Trolove April 2021


Image description

Collyweston, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 499541,302685

Although existing corner walls beteen the A43 Main Road and The Walks appear to mirror the outline of the pound shown on OS maps the development of the road system here, raising the road level, indicats that this is unlikely. However the pound is clearly shown on OS from 1885 through to 1958 even after the school was built set back from the roadway on Pinfold Paddock in 1911. Cotributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021


Image description

Duddington, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 498890,300490

This pound was situated to the south of the village where High Street meets the main A43. Shown on the earliet 1886 OS map and later ones up to 1958. Road improvements on the A43 probably caused its removal before the issue of the 1975 OS map of the area. Site is now a grassed area allowing clear visibility for traffic. Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021


Easton on the Hill, Stamford, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 501599,304287

Unusually for the OS this pound is marked on maps but not named as a pound until the 1900 OS 1:2,500 map. It is adjacent to the old school, now a private residence, near the junction of Racecourse Road with Stamford Road. Recognisable as a pound but shows signs of some alteration to the walls. Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021


Image description

Great Easton, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 484913,293008

Named as a pound on the 1886 1:2,500 OS map on High Street opposite to the junction with Church Bank. Possibly part of two walls still exist but unconfirmed. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Gretton, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 489710,294100

Another pound lost to housing. Located at the junction of Arnhill Road and The Maltings. Shown on the 1886 OS 1:2,500 map but no tace found. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Kings Cliffe, Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Gris ref: 500710,297030

This pound is named on the 1:2,500 OS maps up to 1901 but no later, indicating it met its demise around then as the area developed. No trace of it now exists apart from a corner of it in an image held in the archive of Kings Cliffe Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Rockingham, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 486608,291965

Although shown on the OS maps from the earliest in 1886 up to the 1958 edition it is not on the OS Plan of 1967. Road re-alignments in the 1960's appears to have been its downfall and trees now grow on the site. Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Southwick, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 502050,292060

The site of this pinfold named on the 1886 1:2,500 OS map appears to have been incorporated into the graveyard of St Mary the Virgin Church, the war memorial and seats added later to a small piece of adjacent land alongside access to the Rockingham Forest. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021

Image description

Tansor, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 505790,290640

The site of this pound is shown on the 1900 1:2,500 OS map and is now the location of Tansor Village Hall on Main Street. No trace of pound now exists. Contributed by Michael Trolove April 2021


Titchmarsh, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 502448, 279617

Although not named on OS maps this site is known as the Village Pound and is situated adjacent to the village shop on High Street. Used and maintained as a "peaceful and tranquil garden" approx 6 mtrs square.

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021 

Image description

Warmington, Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 50775,291210

The site of this pound, shown on the 1886 OS 1:2,500 map, is annexed to Pound House on Chapel Street at its junction with Hautboy Lane. No trace of pound remains but it is acknowleged in the house name. Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021 

Woodnewton, Peterborough, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 503741,294160

This pound is named on the 1886 OS 1;2,500 map and the 1778 Enclosure map of the area. Today only 3 walls can be discerned and the area has been annexed to a neighbouring garden. There is no recognition that this is the site of this ancient structure. It can be found in Pound Lane, which is a nod to it's former significance, close to its junction with Oundle Road.

Contributed by Michael Trolove , April 2021

Image description

Yarwell, Northamptonshire

Grid ref: 506739,297921

This Grade II listed pound is a well maintained rectangular structure with an entrance in the north wall. Approx. 10mtrs by 4mtrs with low 1mtr walls, the roadside wall has been lowered further during consolidation work. It is contructed of limestone with vertical coping. It is named on the 1886 OS 1:2,500 map and is in Wansford Road close to its junction with Main Street, Yarwell. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Image description


Northumberland Pounds and Pinfolds

Alnwick, Northumberland

Grid ref:

This pinfold was moved here from a site near the War Memorial in 1819 and now acts as a roundabout in the town centre at Green Batt. It is Grade II listed, oval and ashlar built about 1.5 mtrs high. Gates are locked to enclose what seems like a shrub garden.

Nigel Mills August 2017

Image description

Elsdon, Northumberland

Grid ref: 393659,593102

A large prominent circular pinfold on the village green in Elsdon constructed of random rubble construction with a overhead door lintel, c13mtrs in diameter with 2mtr high walls. Grade II listed and on the 1895 OS 1:2500 map. It is well mainatine and cared for. The green is a designated Dark Sky location.

Contributed by Jacqui Morgan July 2016  


Image description

Bamburgh, Northumberland

Grid ref:

Grade II listed c 10mtrs diameter.



Nottingham Pounds and Pinfolds

Flintham, Nottinghamshire 

Grid ref: 474655,345721

This is a Pinfold shown on the 1884 1:2,500 OS map on Town End Lane, just west of Hill Top Farm and beside the track to Beck Dyke. Grade II listed, it was restored in 1977 to mark the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. It is a circular pinfold of stone construction with coping stones and in excellent order.

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021

Image description

Morton, Nr Southwell, Nottinghamshire

Grid ref: 472437,351345

At the junction of Middle Lane and Moor Lane and shown on the 1825 1:2,500 OS map this pinfold is in excellent condition. It measures 7 mtrs by 7 mtrs with a 1 mtr high wall, has a grassed interior and accessed via a wooden gate. A plaque reminds us that the Parish Council in 1987 restored the pinfold as part of the Newark Community Programme. Contributed by Rob Smith September 2021 

Image description

Screveton, Near Rushcliffe,Nottinghamshire

Grid ref: 473109,343767

This pinfold is shown on the 1884 OS map. Located beside Lodge Lane this high walled circular brick pinfold is in great condition and an amenity space containing shrubs and a seat. Having contributed this entry Michael describes it thus:- "Today a small shrub and herb garden along with a curved seat make for a splendid place to sit and think about the Pinfolder extracting his release fee from a none to pleased peasant."

Contributed by Micheal Trolove, May 2022 



Image description
Image description


Oxfordshire Pounds and Pinfolds


Rutland Pounds and Pinfolds

Bisbrooke, Rutland

Grid ref: 488570,399640

Shown on the 1886 1:2,500 OS map, but not on the 1904 version, at the junction of Church Lane and Glaston Road. The site is now a public area entered by steps from the road side and is bounded by a high stone wall at one end. The differing levels of the road and field make confirmation of exact location difficult but its use as a public space indicates it may be on common land, a popular location for a pinfold. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021

Image description

Caldecott, Rutland

Grid ref: 487023,293778

This pinfold is located on the west side the Lyddington Road, to the north of the village, at the 30 speed limit signs. It is named as a Pinfold on the 1885 and 1886 OS maps but not named after 1900. This area was used as allotments at the turn of the century when but now only three walls exist and enclose a small grassed area with a seat. It is well maintained with stone walls and coping. It is approx. 2 mtrs high and approx 6 mtrs square. It is adjacent to a playpark and open area for children named Pinfold Park. Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021


Image description

Edith Weston, Rutland

Grid ref: 492688,305288

"Pinfold" is written on the 1885 1:2,500 OS map but exact site not clear. Site is on the west side of Weston Road opposite the junction with Church Lane.

Contributed by Michael Trolove, My 2021


Glaston, Oakham, Rutland

Grid ref: 489580,300390

Just two walls appear to be the remains of this pinfold named on OS maps from 1886 although successive OS maps show varying outlines of the structure. At the junction of Seaton Road with Morcott Road. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021  

Image description

Manton, Rutland

Grid ref: 488151,304537

At the junction of South View Close and Lyndon Road once stood Manton pound, shown on the 1885 1:2,500 OS map, but sadly no more. 

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021

North Luffenham, Rutland

Grid ref: 493440,303516

No trace found but this pinfold is remembered in the naming of Pinfold Street and Pinfold Close. Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021


Pilton, Rutland

Grid ref: 491250,303020

Two walls remain of this pinfold now overgrown with vegetation. Although shown complete on OS maps it is never named. It is suggested locally that the site, if cleared, would would attract fly tipping.

Contributed by Michael Trolve, May 2021 

Image description

Preston, Rutland

Grid ref: 487040,302260

On the 1886 1:2,500 OS map as a square pinfold. This site is on Ridlington Road and although the pinfold has been removed it is acknowledged by naming the house on the site The Pinfold. 

Image description

South Luffenham, Rutland

Grid ref: 494420,301979

No trace of the original structure shown in outline only on early OS maps near the junction of Pinfold Lane with Stamford Road. Site is acknowledged by naming Pinfold Close and Pinfold Lane. The small common area with a seat could indicate that this was once an area common land.  

Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021 

Image description

Tixover, Rutland

Grid Ref: 497680,300660

A pinfold is noted on OS maps up to the 1900 1:2,500 OS map but the exact location on the ground has not been possible to pinpoint. Realighnment of roads near the junction of Manor Road and Peterborough Road over the years probably caused its demise.

Contributed by Michael Trolove, April 2021 

Uppingham, Rutland

Information please?

Wing, Rutland

Grid ref: 489130,302950

Shown as an irregular shaped pinfold on the 1886 1:2,500 OS map it is now subsumed into a private garden.  Contributed by Michael Trolove, May 2021